Story Behind "Tiny Hands"

I wrote this song, “tiny hands”, about a little girl who touched my life and made me passionate about speaking out on behalf of the defenseless:

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Please read this amazing true story behind the song:

“Tiny Hands” was inspired by the amazing story of our sister-in-law Stacy and her little girl Ava.

Stacy had, in her younger years, suffered from a rare form of cancer of the blood that had been for many years in remission. Not long ago she had been feeling quite ill and went to see the doctor. After many thorough tests it was confirmed. The cancer was back… and with a vengeance. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer of the blood. A few weeks passed and Stacy learned that she was pregnant. She was advised by her doctor to abort her child in order to receive the treatment that would prolong her life. She refused and expected, for all practical purposes, to deliver her child and die soon after; leaving her husband with two young children to raise on his own.

All of her family and friends began praying for her situation and asked that the Lord would heal her. We prayed and we prayed. I can still remember the day that we received the phone call that the cancer was gone! The Lord had answered our prayers and healed her!

Stacy gave birth to a happy and healthy daughter named Ava Grace. Ava is truly the happiest baby I have ever met and has just celebrated her first birthday. What a tragic thing to think that Ava would have been killed had Stacy listened to her doctor.

We don’t live in the dark ages. We all should know by now that a baby inside the womb is still a baby. That means abortion is murder. This has been going on for far too long. Yet so many of us are silent on this issue. There is no overwhelming outcry against abortion. So what are our leaders to think? They represent us don’t they?

They represent the fact that we care more for our wealth, our individuality, and our precious freedom of choice, then we do about the rights of the unborn.

Will you help me change this? Give an unborn child the right to live?

I believe that if we all continue to stand for truth and justice that we can make a difference. Much like William Wilberforce stood against the profitable and despicable practice of the slave trade in England (watch the movie “Amazing Grace”), we must stand against the murder of children in “God blessed” America.

Please pray with me and fight with me for the unborn! Do what you can while God lends us breath to pursue justice and truth and most of all, love.

I was thinking this morning about the emotional scars that women carry the rest of their lives after an abortion. Many of us are trying to be sensitive to them and not raise such a painful issue. But future pain can be avoided, and present pain can be healed.

My wife and I recently watched a movie that “lit a candle in our heart” and spoiled us by showing us what a good movie is all about. The movie is called Bella. Make it the next one you rent and be blessed.


I used to live near a planned parenthood. I would drive by and be visually assaulted by these protesters who would stand out on the street with pictures of babies found in dumpsters. Like most people I hated having to be being offended day after day by these shocking photos, but then my heart changed about it. How much more shocking that murder is legal in America? How much more shocking that places exist where would-be mothers can dispose of their “inconvenient” child?

What does God think of abortion? How does it make him feel? I know that He is heartbroken. I know that He is deeply wounded that his “babies” are killing their own babies. At points during the recording of this song “tiny hands” I had to stop because of the emotion that came as God showed me his heart for the little ones. Jesus loves all his little children and we would all do well to become more like them. We have a lot to learn from the children as Jesus frequently pointed out.

This is a human rights issue. A human being has a right to live!

I honestly don’t know if we will ever be able to legally defend the life of the unborn. I don’t know if the laws will ever change. Be we can and ought to do what we can, reaching one person at a time with the message that each new life is precious, a gift from God to be cherished and loved.

This is why I am offering my song “tiny hands” as a free download. I asking you to please share this with your friends. Send them a link to this page. Just please pass it on. If even just one woman decides to keep and cherish her child. It will be worth it.

Thanks for listening,

Daniel Lovett


Tiny Hands

Tiny hands, tiny feet,
She’s the cutest little girl you have ever seen
First thing she learns is how to smile
You see the joy of God, in the face of this sweet child


What a precious gift, is this new life,
So full of innocence and wonder, with her eyes so wide
She takes it in, all this love you give,
How could it ever be a question that you let her live?
That you let her live…

Her first steps, her first words
The sweetest little sounds you have ever heard
You watch her grow and feel such love
And every day you spend with her, just never seems enough


“It’s time for bed, now go to sleep,”
“Just one more story mama, please read to me”
So you read to her and all the while,
You’re looking at your princess and how she makes you smile

Words and Music by Daniel Lovett
©2008 Reflect Worship Music ASCAP


Here is a YouTube Video of Catherine telling the story:

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