Do you want a deeper connection with God? Our music will help you develop a more intimate relationship with God.

“I just listened through your Reflect Love album and I was transported to the heavenlies. I’m just about in tears. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.” – One listeners response

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Reflect Love

“God is Love, in whom we live and move and have our being” – Bible
These songs are here to serve your Awakening to Yeshua (Jesus) who is Love.

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Reflect Amazing Grace

~ an acoustic fresh arrangement of well loved Hymns

Reflect Amazing Grace Album Cover
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Reflect Worship – “I Will Bring You Peace”

~ songs of hope, forgiveness, redemption, and worship

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Reflect Hymn (2009)

~ a peaceful acoustic collection of classic Hymns

Reflect (debut album 2005)

~ Recorded live in various bedrooms and basements, this album is a collection of the best songs of Reflect’s formative years. Songs are based out of Psalms and other Scriptures.

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“Reflect the One in whose image you were made”

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