Please Come Home, a song based on Prodigal Son story

Do you feel unworthy to be near God? The apostle Peter sure did. When he first realized who Jesus was after a miracle, he said to Jesus, “Depart from me Lord, I am a sinful man.” As if to say, “God, you don’t want me around, I’m too sinful. You’re better off without me. I’ll just muddy things up.”

Have you ever felt that way? I sure have.

Here’s a common scenario:

You know what God wants you to do but you fail him and break his heart for the billionth time and you wonder, how in the world would he take me back again? Why would he give me another chance? Why would he ever risk his heart on me again?

And so you stay away. You keep your distance. You may even come to believe that you are beyond his grace. Beyond forgiveness.

But Jesus would say to you, “You are the reason I came. I came for you! I died that day to take away all your unworthiness and every last sin and shameful thing that you think keeps you from me. So come. Please come and just let me love you! Please come home.”

Jesus shared the story of the prodigal son to tell us something about how God feels for those who feel this way. (Read the story here). He shows us the attitude of the Father God toward all his lost children. He is waiting and watching and I believe, is doing everything possible to bring them home. Yes, he has done and is doing everything!

The cross accomplished more than we will ever know. When Jesus said, “It is finished” he meant it. On the cross God Himself bore our shame, our pain, and our every sin. Yes, even every last lustful look and judgmental attitude. He bled for every murder, every rape, every homosexual act, & every word of gossip so that we might be saved and have hope & redemption.

Redemption is yours if you want it. God respects our free will. He will never force us to come. He simply invites.

Be reconciled to God today! Stop everything and take a moment and connect with him right now! Please pray with me:

“Dear God, thank you for being the God of second chances. Thank you for always risking your heart and trusting in your love and grace to change us. May your love and grace do it’s work right now and soften our hearts towards you God. Thanks for loving us so much that you would run out to meet us and lavish us with love when we turn for home. God, we come home to you now.”

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Please Come Home
(note to Guitar players – Capo on 3 and play the following chords)

Am Fmaj7
You think I’m better off without you
You say, “Depart, for I’m a sinful soul”
But you’re the reason that I came to earth
To bleed upon a cross to give you hope

So please come home, please come home
Am F2
Where you will never more, have to be alone
So please come home, please come home
Where you will never more, have to be alone
Am Fmaj7
Please come home

Am Fmaj7
I know your anxious thoughts and that your mind is filled with doubt
You wonder how I’ll take you back, with all your dark clouds
And you think you’ve gone beyond, what my grace can bear
But I want you to know; your debt is paid in full

Gadd9                             F2
I know you feel unworthy, and that you don’t belong
Perhaps you think you’ve sinned too much,
Your shame is just too strong
No need to worry, I will never bring it up
Am F2
Instead I will lavish you with love

Words and music by Daniel & Catherine Lovett
cop.2012 Reflect Worship Music

ps. So as I was writing this song it reminded me of Dustin Kensrue and when I checked iTunes store for songs of the same title, and who should appear in the search results but Dustin Kensrue. He wrote a song by the same title. Crazy right? His version is completely different of course.