Nursing Home Ministry Fundraiser

After four years of nursing home ministry we are finally doing our first official fundraiser to bless the area nursing homes. Our goal is to bless 85 new nursing homes in six counties near Milwaukee with a copy of our Reflect Hymn album.

Over the past two years I have mailed out a copy of this CD to many of the area nursing homes and assisted living facilities. This album has been very well received by the residents in the nursing homes and they are often used for music therapy, played during the dinner hour, for memorial services and most amazing of all, to comfort those passing away.

About the Reflect Hymn CD

This album has become a favorite among elderly residents. It is a peaceful acoustic collection of the most loved classic hymns such as Amazing Grace, What a Friend, In the Garden, and Rock of Ages. (click here to listen)

Our goal is to raise $680 to fund the mailing of the CD to these 85 facilities ($5 each) and also to order a supply of 300 large print Gospels of John (comes to $0.85 each after shipping) to distribute to residents who would want one. Any additional funds raised will go towards a new Hymns project that is in the works for our continued ministry to the elderly in nursing homes.

If you would like to help, please donate!

Or, you may also send a check to:

Daniel & Catherine Lovett
1901 N. Nicholas St.
Appleton WI 54914

(If you would like to send a CD to a nursing home near you or you know someone in a nursing home that you would specifically like to send a CD, simply donate and let us know where or to whom you would like it sent.)



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  1. Thanks to all who gave so far and believing in this ministry! The amount raised is now at $280 with $400 to go to reach the $680 goal! Just ordered 2 boxes of Large Print Gospels of John

  2. Update:

    I just mailed 40 Reflect Hymn CD’s to to 40 nursing homes in the Milwaukee area! and distributed 50 of the 100 Gospels already.

    Have raised $130 more (for a total of $410) but we still need your support to fund another mailing to 5 more counties around Milwaukee, WI.

    Would you like to bless a nursing home with Gospel music? Please Donate!



  3. Hi Daniel,

    I read your prayer letter of February 2011, and tried to place this comment there, but it did not take. So….

    I can readily identify with you concerns, as I have been involved in nursing home ministry for about 30 years. What keeps me going is the sense of God’s calling on my life. He truly brings joy to my life when I serve. This passion of mine prompted me to write an ebook: Finding God’s Peace: Overcoming Your Struggles. It is for those in or involved with the nursing home population and I will be happy to send you a copy. Just let me know.

    If you want to know a bit more about me to better determine if you would like to have a copy of this book, please visit my blog Dismantling Disabilities

    Lastly, because your prayer letter moved me to leave a comment, I would like to write a post about your ministry and place your picture on my site. Through this, you might just be able to secure more funds so you can bless more people.

    Blessings on what God has called you to do!


  4. As the Life Enrichment Director here at Care-Age of Brookfield, I received a copy of the Reflect Hymn CD in the mail a few weeks ago. I have to admit I admired the cover and thought it was a good marketing idea to mail out a CD. I set it aside for later consideration, “when I had time.” Well today, I made time. It seems I myself was in need of some spiritual uplifting. I have to thank the Lovett’s and anyone who contributed to this project. I was personally uplifted today and I know my residents will be too. The spirit is so obviously in this mission.
    Thank You,

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