"I Surrender All", June's free song of the month!

Surrender can be tough, but surrendering to God is precisely where our salvation and freedom are found.  Surrender really is a matter of trust and it becomes so much easier when we focus on Who we are surrendering to.

When we really come to know the character of God and that this God is bursting with love and kindness toward us, it makes surrender a joyous thing. We come to count it a privilege that we get to surrender to this God of infinite unfailing love! We come to see how blessed we are that the only Sovereign God of the universe loves us desperately! When you surrender to God, you surrender to love, for God is Love! (1 John 4) Yes, we can indeed fully trust our Savior Jesus and our loving Heavenly Father. And when we keep the loving heart of our “blessed Savior” in our view we can easily say, “I surrender all.”

We hope your enjoy our updated version of “I Surrender All”. This month’s free song. Download it here.

We are busy getting ready for our summer gigs. We’ll be playing with a full band three weeks in a row. Plus at each show there will be other fabulous artists sharing their music for you to enjoy. Come out and hear some great music this summer!

Mark your calenders, bring some friends, and enjoy some inspiring events full of worship and reflection (no pun intended). We’d especially love to see you at our Cup O Joy show!

  • SAT June 30th @ 10 am to 10 pm – Harmony by the Bay – all day free music festival in Menominee, MI (We play at noon!)
  • SAT July 7th @ 7:30 – Cup O Joy – Reflect Worship full length concert with full band (Special Guest: our dear friend, Kate Marshall!)
  • FRI July 13th – LIFEST! – Performing twice. At 4:30 – a more intimate acoustic worship set and then later @ 7:30 sharing some of our best original songs.

Thanks for listening,
Daniel & Catherine

More about the music to this song:

We have been listening to a new band called Civil Wars recently and were musically inspired to take the music of  their song “Poison & Wine” and put it to “I Surrender All”.