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When I first began my nursing home ministry I knew I needed to play songs that could relate to those in nursing homes. I wanted to play songs that both meant something to my audience AND would encourage and spiritually enrich their lives. I knew hymns were the answer.

Problem was, I knew only a few hymns at the time. I very quickly acquired more as I began to play more and more concerts. I didn’t grow up singing hymns but I soon began to love and appreciate them – mostly because I saw how much these songs affected those I was serving but also because of the deep liberating truths they communicated so well.

We are providing a free gift of every hymn we have recorded thus far! Why are we doing this? Please take a moment to read all about why we are giving away our Hymns albums and download them here:

Free Hymns Albums

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We have also written many blogs highlighting each of these Hymns and the stories behind them. This is an index for those posts so that you can quickly locate the songs that interest you:

Most Popular Christian Hymns (Click Here)

Hymn Song Stories:

More to come…

(And, Just in case you didn’t click on the link above for the free download)

FREE DOWNLOAD: Please Click here to learn why we are giving these songs away!

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